Tap Tap to Hop Hop your Bunny.
“Bunny” is a simple touch Easter game that is fun for everyone and there is no violence in it.
Bunny drops his Easter egg when he touches an obstacle.
Try to get your egg as far as possible.
Bunny is a simple controlled game, but to get further with Bunny maybe u have to train some more and you will experience that you will master this game! What are you waiting for, Hurry!!!

☆ One touch control (Tap to let Bunny hop)
☆ Nice hand draw graphics
☆ Easy to play but hard to master
☆ Bronze, Silver and Gold medals
☆ Bunnies / Rabbits!
☆ Violence free
☆ Always free play
New ☆ Collect carrots and 1 egg for Easter egg making.
New ☆ 7 Easter eggs to make (Bunny drops your selected egg!)

Bunny: (download for your Android device)

Have a nice time in this Bunny hopping game.